Precautions of Asparaginase Injections

Precautions of Asparaginase Injection

The injection is given in the thigh muscle and you should keep the following in mind:

  1. Do not eat any sweets or carbohydrates or any food containing sugars on the day of the injection of asparaginase
  2. Blood glucose (blood sugar) level is measured on the day of injection and the blood glucose level should be less than 200. If the level of blood glucose is higher than 200, then the child should drink plenty of water to reduce the level of glucose in the blood or the doctor may prescribe something to reduce the level of glucose, so that the asparginase injection may be administrated.
  3. After the injection is administered the patient must wait in the waiting area for one hour with the cannula still inserted; the patient will be monitored during this hour in case of any complications.
  4. Complications that may occur after the injection include: redness of the face, fever, irritation, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, blurry vision.

If any complications occur, tell your doctor or pharmacist immediately.